Systems Thinking for Leaders

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Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.

–Alberta Einstein


Almost all Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and related improvement initiatives fail because of a focus on tools and techniques without an understanding of thinking and theory behind them. That thinking is Systems Thinking. Read More


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Economisting: (e kon’ o mist’ ing) 1. The act or process of converting limited evidence into grand claims by means of rhetorical ploys, especially punning. 2. The belief or practice that empirical evidence can only confirm and never disconfirm a favored theory. 3. Conclusions that are theory-driven, not evidence based. See also confirmation bias, painting with a broad brush, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, post-modern critical theory, marketing.

Edward Tufte provides us with a new word to describe an old idea–using and presenting data in a manner designed to mislead the consumer of research.  In consulting, including areas of employee and customer engagement engagement research, this is reflected in:

  • using statistical significance as a measure of practical importance (material significance),
  • making grand claims that go beyond the evidence, such as (i) performance measures using a single statistic (such as the average),  (ii) using cherry-picked samples and data, (iii) statistical models claiming to predict performance, (iv) using rankings,
  • using data to support decision-based evidence-making rather than evidenced-based decision-making.

We concur with Dr. Tufte that data analysis & presentation is an intellectual and a moral act. At Converge we endeavor to keep our work, in all areas of practice, economisting free.  Providing consumers of research, information without window dressing or spin.